New school/leisure centre designs viewing at Grenfell on Monday 12th Sept


See below, not really a discussion but I thought local residents like ourselves might be interested in this.  I was quite annoyed to come across the information about this on the RBKC website as I live less than 5 minutes away and had no idea about it.  I did email KALC about the lack of publicity. They claimed to have done a leaflet drop, told libraries, schools etc so no doubt I am walking around with my eyes shut for the last few weeks.

Guess it is our chance to let them know what we think and of course they will take notice.



Info from RBKC website

The Council is selecting an architect for the Kensington Academy and Leisure Centre (KALC) project.

Six designs have been shortlisted and will be on display at:

EMB Hall, Grenfell Tower, Grenfell Road,
Lancaster West Estate, W11 1TQ
Monday 12 September 2011
3.30pm to 6.30pm

This is your chance to see the proposals, speak to the architects and give us your views. Your comments will help to shape the final design.

For more information about the KALC project visit or email

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Below is the Grenfell Action Group's response to a recent architect's exhibition held on 13th Sept and concerns about the proposed Academy project in general:

With the decision taken to award the contract to the winning architect on 9th September, the Exhibition at the EMB Rooms on 13th Sept was just a charade with the Council using the architects as props to give the impression that consultation had actually taken place. More direct evidence of the council's marginalisation of our community from the consultation/design process.

After viewing the architects plans at the EMB Rooms on Monday it became obvious that the Lancaster West site is not large enough to accommodate a 1,200 pupil Academy and the Grenfell Action Group strongly urge the Council to reconsider their current plans.

Residents on Lancaster West Estate (and in Grenfell Tower in particular) have grave concerns with regards levels of noise pollution that the Academy would generate. Councillor Blakeman is correct that residents will not tolerate a situation akin to those faced by K and C residents in the 70s when the Westway motorway was first built (ie without any regards for the concerns or wellbeing of existing tenants!).
Grenfell Tower and it's immediate environs contains a community of residents, some of whom work at night, some who have severe and enduring mental health problems, some who need to study from home, are older people, have young babies, etc and all these residents need assuring that the proposed Academy will not blight their lives with unreasonable levels of noise pollution. The architect's plans on show at the KALC Exhibition did not offer us this assurance and many tenants remain terrified about the consequences of noise generated from the Academy (both during construction and after).

The Grenfell Action Group are concerned that the wellbeing of older residents living in sheltered accommodation on Silchester Road (directly opposite the proposed Academy) have been ignored by the architects plans and by the Council in general.

The architects plans showed no detail about how our security issues will be provided for on Lancaster West and how the Academy students will be encouraged by the designs of the Academy not to encroach onto our Estate buildings.

Many of the architect's plans did not show sufficient regard for the replacement of our children's playground

The architects plans did not show (except for Peter Fink's design) anything like enough adequate replacement of the green space that we have been promised by the Council.

The Grenfell Action Group also has serious concerns that the sports pitches re-provided by the Council at the Westway Sports Centre are not in an appropriate location as they are situated next to a slip road off the Westway motorway. Local parents do not believe that this is an appropriate location for their children to pursue their sporting aspirations and there are growing concerns about the danger that inhaling carbon dioxide while using these facilities may pose to our young people's health.

Local stakeholders also want to raise the issue of the decision not to provide a lift for disabled Academy students at Latimer Road tube to enable them to travel to school in a non discriminatory manner.

Local stakeholders believe that the Council are trying to fund the Academy "on the cheap" (the architects that local stakeholders spoke to described 17.6 million as the Academy funding envelope). Our community will not tolerate being the least funded school in Kensington And Chelsea (Chelsea Academy 40 million, Holland Park 80 million) with children's education in the North of the Borough being seen to be simply receiving the scraps from the rich man's table.

Despite the repeated concerns of local people the Council are still planning to impose a vehicular route through our Estate. This is unacceptable and dangerous. Local residents will hold the Council culpable for any deaths or injuries that occur as a result of this ill- conceived planning policy.

Grenfell Action Group
The Grenfell Action Group has at last gone live with its' own blog. You can visit this at;
Please pay us a visit. Have a read and stay tuned.
More will be revealed.
The first priority of the blog will be to reach as many of our neighbours as possible in the Lancaster West area. We want to inform and educate people on exactly what's been going on over the last couple of years that RBKC have been planning the KALC project.
Please share the address with friends and neighbours.

The Grenfell Action Group blog is a worthy and illuminating read!!!!

A must for anyone who lives in this area, and noy yet up to date with this prospective KALC project.


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