Proposals for a St Quintin and Woodlands Neighbourhood Forum

Have people who see this site caught up with the proposal for a Neighbourhood Forum that would cover part of the Notting Barns ward, part of St Charles, and the Eynham Road area in Hammersmith and Fulham?

The area proposed is roughly bounded by Dalgarno Gardens, St Marks Road, the Westway, and Wood Lane to the west.  A more detailed map is here Forum_Area_3.pdf

The proposal has been worked up by the St Helens Residents Association, along the the Woodlands Area Residents (an informal group in the Eynham Road area).  Neighbourhood Forums are a body which are like a stronger version of a residents assocation.  Such forums have powers under the 2011 Localism Act to draw up a neighbourhood pland for their area. 

Once prepared, these plans go through a formal adoption process and a local referendum.  If agreed by more than 50% of the vote in the area, the plan is adopted by the local authority, and has the same statutory weight as similar plans produced by the council.

RBKC is currently consulting on the application for designation of the St Quintin and Woodlands Neighbourhood Forum.  The council web page, which gives more information and tells you how to respond to the consultation, is here

Once the area is 'designated' there will be an inaugural meeting to elect a steering group or management committee for the Forum.  This is likely to happen in the autumn.  Membership of the Forum will be open to anyone living and working in the area, and Ward Councillors will be automatic members of the Forum.

You can also see more about neighbourhood planning, and the written proposals for the St Quintin and Woodlands Neighbourhood Forum, at our website

We think a Forum and Plan could give more voice and influence to local people to shape the future of this area, retaining the best features and helping to prevent the worst aspects of commercial development that can threaten our streets and homes.  We hope that you agree.

Henry Peterson, Chair St Helens Residents Association


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