This website has been created by residents of Notting Barns, for residents of Notting Barns and promoted by the Allom and Barlow Residents' Association. It's a place for local people talk about all things local - from finding a local plumber or good places to shop, to questions about volunteering and local community events. In time we hope this website will become a great resource for local people, helping to build stronger links between residents, public services and local organisations - making Notting Barns a better place to live for all.

We want you to use this website to start conversations, publicise events, upload videos and photos, seek advice and support others in the area, but please make sure that you read our terms of service so you do not break our rules. This website is moderated and we will take action when the rules are broken.

Please take the time to read the Terms of Service for NBL


Notting Barns Live has been developed with funding and support from the Notting Barns Ward Councillors Initiative and the Well London Delivery Team Project, with some help from the Young Foundation.


Meet The Notting Barns Live Team!


Councillor Judith Blakeman (Notting Barns Ward Councillor)




Jose Fernandez (Chairman of Allom and Barlow Resident's Association)




Norlene Thaxter (Well London Coordinator)




Phillip Dudden (NBL Treasurer)





James Hamill (Website Editor)




Please do get in touch with any of the team if you have any questions about the website, but you do not need to contact them to upload content - once you have signed in you can upload almost all content yourself!

You can find our more about the history of Notting Barns and the surrounding areas by clicking on this link:


Here is a map of the Notting Barns Ward:



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These are the streets that are within the Notting Barns ward:


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