What is Help Your Neighbour? Help Your Neighbour is an idea, a campaign, a movement! In Lancaster West it is happening across the estate. We are helping each other as we check in on our neighbours, check if they want some milk from the shop, their recycling brought out or just a chat. Help_Your_Neighbour_Flyer.pdf this is the poster that will give you an idea of what this means. Watch out for them around the community.


It may sound like common sense that you look in on your neighbour, or that you know who lives around you. But what if you don't? Take the chance today and put yourself out there in your community. The benefits are there to be grasped!


We will be popping about over the next month knocking on doors and reminding people to check on that young mum downstairs, or the old lady upstairs, it may mean the world to them. Maybe it will be you that people end up checking in on...!  


SO get involved and stay helping!




psst......if you want to know more just get in touch :)



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