Yes, yes, there is always a need for new homes, schools and jobs in the area, but perhaps like me you are feeling a bit hemmed in by the new developments planned locally, as highlighted by Derek’s post. I ask myself, “does every square inch of local land need something built on it”? Perhaps it just seems that way.


Imagine my delight today then at discovering an oasis of calm on our doorsteps. Encouraged by the sunlight, I decided to eat lunch outdoors. Where better I thought than to finally explore Wormwood Scrubs (the park not the prison - ??). Using our bit of the National Cycle Network, right & first left after entering Scrubs Lane from North Pole Road, you enter the path that takes you to the Scrubs. You are very soon in sight of a huge vista of greenery as far as the eye can see. There are benches along the periphery of the green where you can site comfortably.


As I sat and ate my sandwich all my senses were enraptured. The warm balmy breezes enhanced the suns rays on my skin, with feelings of wellbeing. Although the hum of the city could still be heard in the distance, it was peaceful enough to hear the crickets chirping in the grass and the birds tweeting overhead playfully; the smell of cut grass, fresh and invigorating; the skies so blue with wonderfully shaped white clouds, being pushed along quickly by the breezes. I felt I was in deep countryside, not in actuality ten minutes from home. This was sublime, so sublime. I felt so blessed.


I recommend the common as a place to relax in summer, have a picnic or just read or take in nature.


Finally, as I cycled past the back end of Scrubs Prison I had my one twinge of anxiety of the afternoon - for those trapped in cells on a day like this. Whoever said deprivation of liberty is not sufficient punishment?






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Comment by James Hamill on July 3, 2011 at 9:19

very eloquently put, if I may say so.


I have never actually been to Wormwood Scrubs although I know it exists and a friend who is a dog walker rates it very highly but after reading this, I am off later today to go check it out!

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